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Who We Are

Not Your Average Cat and Dog.

You know what it takes: Years of hard work. Hundreds of sleepless nights. Investing everything you've got. Thats how we got here. Ready for the next level? We now share our trade secrets and technologies with select clients. Read more below to see if our services are for you.

What We Do

We get you moving from here to your goals, fast. We design a complete plan for your business, and execute it with you. Smoking the competition has never felt better.

Connected World - kaplanmediagroup.com

How We Do it

We provide complete business intelligence, sales & marketing and technology solutions to top performing companies and individuals. The mission is simple: get the most business, in the most effective way, period.

Digital Media Mobile - kaplanmediagroup.com

Brain Power

"The ability to continually make good decisions  - and less mistakes - is what separates the winners from the rest". We provide best-in-class methods and tools to place you on that path, quickly.

Digital Media Work - kaplanmediagroup.com

Who We Work With

We've collected great a deal of knowledge working with several industries. We now share it with businesses that need to get a large portion of their business online: developers, realtors & brokers, legal firms, surgeons & dentists, local businesses, exports, beauty, entertainment and start-ups. 

working together - kaplanmdiagroup.com

Site Re/Design

A solid online presence is where it all begins. Most businesses are simply not taking the right steps, losing business they should not. We're going to make you look good, and let the customers follow. 

Site Redesign - kaplanmediagrouop.com

Content Creation

You are the expert. Your voice need be out there. You express it in words, images, audio and videos. We're going to produce the best content with you: it will attract visitors, business and search engines - bc that's what you need to showcase your products, services and talent.

Content Creation - kaplanmediagroup.com

SEO Engineering

We've made it to Google's top page many times, in the toughest industries to break through: Real Estate, Finance, Legal and Local Services. Winning SEO is an ever-moving target. We're good at it, and we're making you just as good.

SEO Services - kaplanmediagroup.com

Online Payments

Selling and receiving money online is the Holy Grail of our work. We've simplified this complex task, so our clients can easily bill and get paid online, in real-time. Let us show you how it is done, so you can accept online payments, today.

Accept Online Payments - kaplanmediagroup.com

Real Reviews

Reviews - by real people - are your best partner in establishing your credibility and achieving social acceptance. Reviews tie directly to your SEO score, and are one of the main business drivers for many online sites. We'll show you how to get reviews, good reviews, and how to manage your reputation.

Get Reviews - kaplanmediagroup.com

Location SEO

Location SEO Services: Need to have extended presence in a specific area? Want attention from a neighbourhood? Opening a location? Selling a house or a development? Need to be found on Google Maps? We're going to make a little magic, and Shazam! You're there.  

Location SEO Services - kaplanmediagroup.com

Marketing Automation

"Set it and Forget It!" Yes, we do that and it works magic. We unleash powerful marketing campaigns that work for you 24/7, bringing leads and business to you, daily. 

Marketing Automation - kaplanmediagroup.com

CRM Automation

Once a lead comes in, you must contact them, follow up, send information and more. That is extremely time consuming and expensive to manage. So we automated that piece of the puzzle. Now you can keep in touch with thousands of leads - automatically, and get the sale at the prices moment. 

CRM Automation - kaplanmediagroup.com

Email Campaigns

Do you have an Email Marketing Plan? When was the last time you sent a good email. to your audience? How are your conversion rates? Is your campaign automated? Email is one of the most effective tools to keep in touch. we'll show you how to build it. set it, and forget it! 

Email Campaign - kaplanmediagroup.com

Webinars & Zoom

Use Webinars and Zoom meetings to showcase your expertise to new and returning customers. We'll teach you how to set it up, stream, record and deliver a captivating presentation, every time. 

Webinar and Zoom Meetings - kaplanmediagroup.com

Online Courses

The best way to capitalize on your knowledge is to provide it as a course. Anyone can sign up, pay and learn from you, 24/7. We'll show you how to tap into the course market professionally and efficiently. 

Online Courses - kaplanmediagroup.com

Automated Podcasts

Podcasts are very popular, but they do require an extensive technical knowledge and time to set up and market. We automated this part, too, so you can record once, and your podcast magically appears. 

Aurtomated Podcasts - kaplanmediagroup.com

Draws and Giveaways

Who does not like free stuff? A little giveaway can create wonders for your business, create a new mailing list, bring new customers and keep everyone happy. Holidays, high season, low season - there are methods to charge up your traffic and get more business. When done right, draws and giveaways are a fantastic tool - ask us how it is done.

Draws and Giveaways - kaplanmediagroup.com


Funnels are the most effective method of getting new clients online. They are also the most misunderstood tool. Our funnels convert at high rates for all industries. We're creating a funnel for you that would smoke your competition.

Digital Marketing Funnels - kaplanmediagroup.com

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are giveaways that you can share with your audience. In return, you get their permission to share even more with them. You like gifts? So do your future customers. Give a little, get a lot back.

Lead Magnet - kaplanmediagroup.com

YouTube Campaigns

YouTune Campaigns come in two flavours: video content and video ads. Both methods, esp. when combined properly, have generated millions of business income to businesses. We'll show you how to create the most effective video content and ads, and yes. there is a secret formula to it. 

YouTube Campaign - kaplanmediagroup

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is an effective tool to get customers from their feed into your site and store. We've run many ads and mastered the fine art of creating an ad that results in sales, right off facebook. We'll share with you this knowledge, and create the best fb ads for your business.

Facebook Marketing - kaplanmediagroup.com

Instagram & Influencers

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is a powerful tool to reach billions of targeted prospects across the internet. We'll show you how to create super effective Insta campaigns, how to utilize Influencers and how to get business form Instagram - to you.

Instagram Demographics 2020 - KaplanMediaGroup.com

Reputation Management

Found yourself a Crisis Management situation? Got a string of bad reviews? News Media is on your case? Perhaps an angry person is trying to harm your business? We will help you control the situation, and turn it around. 

Reputation Management-kaplanmediagroup.com

Site Optimization

If you are taking business online, or simply looking for incoming leads, you need your site professionally optimized. We'll do that for you and ensure your site gets the highest possible grades. Just watch that traffic flow.

Site Optimization - kaplanmediagroup.com

Privacy & Security

Losing or leaking customer  information can cost you everything. Maintaining tight security will establish your credibility which in turns, increases trust and sales. In short, you can't afford losing clients data. We're going to help you protect your data - like a Fort Knox.

Privacy & Security - kaplanmediagroup.com

Secure File Management

It takes an average hacker less than an hour to access your files. Your internet provider likely has access, too. To ensure the privacy or your files - and your clients data - you need to encrypt and secure all your files. We provide cost-effective methods to ensure that your data stays yours.

Secure File Management Cyber Attack - kaplanmediagroup.com 800

Custom Work

One Size Fits One. Only One, You are The One. You and your business are unique. For that, we create rapid and cost efficient custom tech-media solutions that will set you apart of the competition, and bring the clients to you, like a magnet.

Custom Work Programming - kaplanmediagroup.com

Expect the Best

We are here to help you enhance your business to levels you previously only dreamt about. We deliver the best solutions in the most effective way. Expect the best from us, because we don't settle for second best.

Excellent - Expect The Best - kaplanmediagroup.com

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